about Chi Jui

 Chi Jui Precision Industry Co., Ltd.venture so far, always uphold the pursuit of excellence, honest service concept, with professional skills, the best quality, public service. In order to enhance the possibility of product processing, the company has a professional technology and rich practical experience, as well as high-precision advanced processing equipment, computer CNC processing, production of various precision parts, excellence, benefit sharing, has always uphold the principle of good faith and customer cooperation To achieve the company's goal of sustainable development, and look forward to contributing to the industry.

The company philosophy in the service-oriented, customer first, quality first for the purpose, we adhere to the accuracy and timely delivery of professional attitude and win the industry's consistent reputation, to accurate, honest, expand customer service, and strengthen the quality of products And then create a stable quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose.

We have strict requirements on the manufacturing process, the professional and technical is to strive for sophisticated, in addition to a professional processing machines, manufacturing customers need products, and in order to ensure product quality, we use three yuan and other high-precision measuring tools to quality control products, To meet customer requirements for the product, therefore, the quality of the company has always been the recognition of customers.

In order to make the company more towards the professional future, and now actively toward the internationalization, specialization, institutionalization, continuous training of professional and technical, all the time into the professional new ideas, with our professional services more customers.

Has received a number of patents and passed ISO9001: 2008 certification